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Back-Up Cameras

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Satellite Radio

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The Road Warrior Loves Clients, And Clients Love The Road Warrior!

Started out this morning with local music and beer legend Byrd Dog Wheeler of Bird Dog and the Road Kings. I met him at his home to install satellite radio in his brand new F150 using an interface from @vaistech to integrate it with the OEM screen. After speaking to him for a few minutes I learned that he is a very good old friend of my dad, Jerry, who he said is one of the best pool players he’s ever known. An awesome guy! He even tipped me with an expensive bottle of craft beer that I can’t wait to try with my best buddy. #SFXROADWARRIOR

I had an absolutely awesome start to my work week! I took Mr. Scalzo on a two hour remote start tour in his 2018 Kia Soul first thing this morning. He watched the whole process from the back seat, and took tons of pictures and videos with his phone and tablet to show his friends and family. He was a radar electronics technician in the army and was elated to be able to watch me do my work. #sfxroadwarrior

Spent most of today back at the firehouse. Upfitted a Ferrara tanker with a rearview camera and lane change/blind spot camera system. Thanks again for the trust. #SFXROADWARRIOR

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